Fighting Joe Wheeler
Camp #1372 Sons of Confederatre Veterans Birmingham, Alabama

September 11, 2018

Birthday Celebration for General "Fighting" Joe Wheeler


Presentation on Brig. Gen. Felix Zollicoffer, CSA

by Al Byrd































Voting Results from the Division Reunion in Gadsden



Commander: Carl Jones

1st Lieutenant Commander: Mike McMurray

2nd Lieutenant Commander: Tim Steadman


Northwest Central Brigade Commander: Joel Goolsby

Northwest Central Brigade 1st Lieutenant Commander: James Thornton


Congratulations to all!


Folks, that's a good lineup right there! We're gonna go places!

Please join in the Charge!


Kudos to the boys of the Emma Sansom Camp #252 for organizing an outstanding event. Time for us to step up to the plate and host the 2022 reunion.