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Recommended Reading


Former camp member and author Mike Scruggs brings an important new scholarly perspective to the issues that divided the United States prior to 1861 and through the tortuous years of the War and the terrible aftermath called the Reconstruction. This is a book that should be required reading. It is our history and our heritage. It is a book that reaches out to every American with a curious and open mind in an effort to rescue truth from decades of oppression. This fine publication is available for a minimum contribution of $7.00 to the Fighting Joe Wheeler Camp at our monthly meetings. Or to order, e-mail

The Un-Civil War - Truths Your Teacher Never Told You




The Fighting Joe Wheeler Camp is honored to feature an article written and edited by a previous Camp Chaplain, Jeff Young entitled "The Great Dalton Revival In The Army of Tennessee During The Winter of 1863-64". Please click on the title link and you will get the article written in Microsoft Word. The picture below shows the original pamphlet cover.

The Great Dalton Revival In The Army of Tennessee During The Winter of 1863-64

The Dispatch


All camp members and associates can receive a copy of the Dispatch by downloading the appropriate links below. Downloaded files are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format, and can be viewed by clicking on the desired month. For archived issues or issues not listed here, please contact the Dispatch editor, Jim Darden.