Fighting Joe Wheeler
Camp #1372 Sons of Confederatre Veterans Birmingham, Alabama

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Army of Tennessee, Alabama Division

Fighting Joe Wheeler Camp, Camp #1372, Inc.




Thank you for your interest in the SCV and the Fighting Joe Wheeler Camp. We are an organization of proud descendants of the greatest fighting forces the world has ever known. They have been described as being underfunded, under equipped, and undermanned, but never out fought.


Unfortunately, their reasons for fighting have been distorted and misconstrued over the years. The old saying "he who wins the war gets to write the history books" has never been more true than in the case of the "Civil War." Even the name of the war represents a falsehood. In the true definition - a civil war indicates that two or more factions are trying to take over a government in order to force their will on everyone else. In the war for Southern Independence the Confederacy simply wanted to be left alone to govern themselves just as their forefathers did in 1776.


In addition to spreading the truth about the reasons for the war the Sons of Confederate Veterans are committed to restoring our beloved Battle Flag to its rightful place of honor. It is sad that this proud symbol of freedom has been hijacked by a few small radical groups for their own misguided purposes. Did you know that these groups also us the U.S. flag and the Christian Cross in their propaganda, but only the Confederate Battle Flag has been vilified?


You are cordially invited to attend our meetings at the New Merkle House on Dolly Ridge Road off of Hwy. 280 near the Summit Shopping Center. We begin our meetings at 7:00 PM on the second Tuesday evening of every month. After a short business meeting we enjoy a program by local authors and historians. Feel free to call on any of our officers if you have any concerns or questions.


Come join us in learning and spreading the truth. It will make YOUR ANCESTORS proud!


Deo Vindice,


Steve Johnson, Past Commander